Sheer Shadings


Visibility or Privacy

 Adjust the natural light and enjoy privacy as you please. Sheer Shades & Banded Shades are our most popular style of blinds.

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Sheer Motorized Shades, also known as Sunset or Silhouette Motorized Shades, combines the beauty of elegant soft sheer face fabrics with woven, floating, semi-translucent fabric louvres. Its innovative design allows for unlimited creativity to suit any style of decor.

With no cords or tapes, the sheer facings allow you to view the outside through the vanes while maintaining a discreet level of privacy

Silhouette Shades provide privacy and light control while adding style and elegance to any space. Silhouette Shades diffuse strong incoming light and create a soft glow. They are designed with various fabrics to suit your exact light-control and privacy needs.


Give your interiors an exclusive look with Banded Motorized Shades.

Banded Motorized Shades, also known as Dual Shades or Zebra Blinds, allow you to filter in the light according to your preferences.

​We provide a wide range of options for dual shades in colour, texture, design and opacity, which make these highly versatile shades a great option.


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