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Through our partnerships with the most prestigious brand in the industry, Somfy, and our extensive knowledge, you can enjoy the functionality and convenience of motorized blinds in every room of your house.

Smart Home Systems

Somfy is the largest and most well known brand for window treatment motors worldwide. Motorized window treatments add convenience to your busy life by automating the balance of natural and artificial light in your home.
You can use your phone, tablet, computer, or even voice commands to control your motorized shades anytime. Somfy systems integrate seamlessly with existing home automation systems.
Schedule your motorized blinds and shades to open and close on the schedule that’s best for you and your family. Let the light in when you wake up, but keep the glare away when you need to focus, and even increase energy efficiency in your home. 
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Somfy TaHoma

Somfy TaHoma® puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to control your motorized window coverings
Creating a smart home means more than just smart shading; it means interconnectivity between all the smart products you use on a daily basis to make life more comfortable and convenient
Vision Shades Platinum somfy experts makes this connection easy and seamlessly. We can connect your new TaHoma to the same smart home systems you already use in your home. Integration with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant means you can control motorized window coverings as well as smart lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and even smart audio systems in one place. 
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Motorization Features

Motorized shades and curtains offer numerous convenient features:
Easy To Use
Control your smart home equipment effortlessly with voice control. Simply ask Alexa or Google Home, and your electric shades will respond.
Time Saving
Easily control your shades with your phone or with voice commands. Use the Tahoma app to schedule your shades to open and close at your desired times.
No more cords – keep your little ones and pets safe. Maintain your privacy by easily lowering the shades with your cell phone or an automatic timer.

Somfy Expert Dealer

Our Somfy Expert Dealers are trained in motorized window coverings and can help you choose the right treatment, fabric, and technology/smart home accessories for both your home’s style and your family’s needs. 
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